Coogins, Permits and Cute kids oh my!

Parents often ask me how to get their kids into show business and its suprisingly VERY easy. The first order of business at least for my Hollymomtresses in LA is to get an entertainment work permit for minors in Van Nuys. This takes all of 5 minutes. Once you have that, the rest is cake. If you want your tot to have an agent most require you set up a Coogin account at your local bank or credit union. This is a court protected savings account where a portion of your child's money is held until they turn 18. Once the Coogin account is set up, Grab a camera and start clicking! That's it! These days agents accept amateur pics becasue they really want to see what your child looks like minus the hats/bells/whistles. My son's very first job was booked through an Open call session and the rest as they say is Hollywood history!