Side hustles

Everybody in LA has a side hustle . Even people who don't financially need to have a side hustle have a side hustle. Oscar winner Lupita can braid your hair at no charge, Jessica Alba has her own line of baby goods called Honest which just miracously appeared in Target. Jessica Simpson doesn't even sing anymore! Her side hustle is now her main gig. A couple of weeks ago, I was an extra on a commercial set and instead of complaining about being an extra, I took the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible. Boy did I learn a lot about side hustles or as I like to call it "Coporate thuggin" in LA. The lead actor makes money using his home in films, tv shows and commercials. Yes! he gets a check for his home!!!!! Of course he has to keep it in Pristine condition and deal with the fact that tons of people can and would be walking in and out of his house. However for him it's a win win situation. As an actor , he is able to network with industry folk in such a creative and peronal way and he is able to make long lasting and personal connections

I don't have a home yet, but please believe when I do, I'll let Hollywood help. If you are a home owner and interested in letting your house pay for itself, click here.


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