Yes, honey. Wigs. I love them! Every Hollymomtress knows nothing changes your look faster than a good "hair hat". The right wig can take you from drab to fab in seconds. While most women in families bond in the kitchen, my immediate female family connects and cultivates lasting memories in wigs shops. Ha! We try out different styles posing for each other while discovering our best angles. We laugh at all the "ethnic" names each hair hat is given like LaKeesha, Michelle, NeNe, Tameka. Renee', Tasha.

We talk skincare, haircare, hair dye, makeup, fashion, false eyelashes, eyebrows. It never ends...

Last week in Florida, my mom, my niece and I raided our favorite wig store only to stumble upon this little diddy. I absolutely love it! I was searching for a fresh commercial look thinking another sew-in was my only viable option, However, my thinning edges desperately needed a break from the hot comb. Plus its the summer. I want to swim and sweat and play. But what was I gonna do with my natural nappy hair if Hollywood called? Oh! the Hollymomtress melodrama of it all!

Then "she" appeared nestled in a sea of brown mannequin heads........ Halle!

I got short hair and I don't care! Well actually I do care. I'm vain and insecure at the same dang on time.. What do you think? Should I rock it or leave it and just weave it?