The Emmys

The last couple of weeks have been bananas! Between buying a new car, commercial callbacks, the Emmys and working on a new SirronRose project, this Hollymomtress has been busy! Last week, my sister twirled into town to showcase our natural based skincare products JonesandRose to media outlets, celebrities and tastemakers for the Pre-Emmy Gifting Suite at Beverly Hills chic Fig and Olive restaurant.

Needless to say they fell in lust! Folks were all over her fragranced whipped shea butter and luscious body oils! Khandi Alexander from ABC's top show Scandal fell in love instantly with the sexy body butter and foam peppermint black soap.

Celebrity Stylist, Brenda Swanson, who works with the likes of Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, David Bowie, John Travolta and Nicole Kidman, looks forward to using jonesandrose on her top clients. Of course, smack dap during the event I had to jet across town for a callback. But we made it work! Hollymomtress problems.

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