January 11, 2015

Sigh.........Where do I begin? Selma was so many emotions on so many levels. Hate is real ya'll! I hope/ pray we ALL see this masterpiece. If you haven't seen this film stop reading and handle your movie business!  If you have, carry on......One thing that struck me is the realization of Coretta's and Martin's HUMANITY. They were very public figures with very private fears and worries.  I felt the mounting pressure  Coretta endured to be a perfect wife/mother for a movement that desperately needed her grace and feminity just as much as they craved Martin's voice and leadership.

Carmen Ejogo's protrayel as the first lady  of the civil rights movement was cinematic perfection.  She handled each scene with quiet vulnerability. On one hand, Coretta knew her husband  had some indiscretions and on the other hand she knew how deep and dark racism was. There where forces willing to fabricate lies while stopping at NOTHING to destroy her family. How could Coretta sleep at night knowing folk were out to kill  her entire family. How could she trust her husband  when he was "away"?  How did she raise those kidsknowing that one days she'd more likely than not end up a single mother  as the price for this movement?  How did she remain dignified and demure in the midst of constant terrror?  As the MLK holiday approaches, I am reminded of the man behind the movement and the woman who stood behind him. Thank you Selma.


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