'Tis the season for Holiday Pictures

"Tis the season for Holiday pics! I know! The very thought of taking family pics gets most moms in a tizzy. But trust me when you are old and gray, those pics will be treasures of LOVE. YOU JUST GOTTA DO IT! If you haven't already taken some pics for the Holidays, now is the time to make it happen. We just took ours and everyone came out alive. I posted some of our outtakes just for fun...... Son don't touch my wig! Hubby look at the camera...Sigh....

Below are some helpful tips for you and your family to breeze thru the picture process.

1. FInd a location. Your location will determine everything and help you with a theme, LA is loaded with cool places to shoot. The sky is the limit. But get creative! This year, we took our pics in a FREE public park with a beautiful view of LA behind us.

2. Find a Professional Photographer. I happen to know some great photogs in the HollyHood and I always call in my favor around this time. But if you don't have a hook up. Call up the fam. You'd be surprised what an aunt/uncle/cousin can produce on an Iphone.

3. PREPARE Lay out what you are gonna wear and iron it the night before. Don't wait till the morning of when your hubby is ironing on the floor and burns a hole right through your son's shit... OOOPS I meant shirt and you have to run to TARGET like a crazed MOMZILLA for a back up. Umm Yeah.... just take it from me and prepare the night before.

4. HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN!! Some years we had more fun than others and it was because I wasn't STRESSING!. Don't stress about getting the perfect shot. There isn't one. The best pics are the ones that are organic and capture the essence of your family.

5. MAKE IT QUICK! No photoshoot should be long ESPECIALLY if kids are involved . If the photographer is good, S/he can create a mood that will help to get the right pic in less the 30 min TOPS!

6. Checkout Shutterfly. com!! They have the best coupons ever for personalized Christmas cards! I have purchased countless personalized calendars, bags, thank you cards, key chains, and mouse pads from them. They are reasonable and fast.