What do U do after the Vision Board Holiday Party? Ring in the new year at the LA MOM FAIR!

What Hollymomtress hasn't juggled a growing family and career? Why is it taking us years to launch that DREAM business? Who doesn't want to build an empire right from their laptop?

MomFair is coming to town in 2016 and they have ANSWERS!!!!!

Once a year at MomFair LIVE! LA moms gather to interact with hiring managers, career counselors, work from home experts, recruiters, entrepreneurs, businesses and home resources with other like minded moms all in a comfortable inviting setting.

Vision Parties can be great at the end of the year, But after you cut and paste your dreams, THEN WHAT? You need help! You need connections, a mentor and tangible help.....

The MOM FAIR is a great way to kick off the new year with....wait for it.....tangible help!

Held at UCLA's Carnsale Commons, MomFair has dynamic speakers from all walks of life and the event is strategically limited to just 200 attendees. I plan on going and Believe me! Tickets will sell out! So get your ticket now and tell them The HOLLYMOMTRESS sent ya!


Check out the red carpet. Tons of more videos are on youtube:)