Go for the Glow!

December 23, 2015

Everyone knows you are what you eat,  but did you know that you are also what you put on your skin!  It only take 26 seconds for  what you rub on your body to enter your bloodstream. For that alone, every HOLLYMOMTRESS needs to be VERY particular about what they lather n' slather on their bod.   If you're looking for  a  beauty company that's truly SAFE and Certified by the Environmental Working Group (they're like the  ingredient police for products)  AND they have great products that  you actually want to use, then you have to check out  BEAUTY COUNTER.com. 


This Holiday Season I have been rocking their   LUSTRO SHIMMER OIL to  parties, soirees and get togethers. When I tell you my skin has been  GLOWING!!!  This is the first product that I can use ALL OVER MY  BODY......on my cheek bones for a dewy glow, my shoulders for a sexy shimmer and my legs! I absolutely love this oil because it doesn't fight with my perfume and it feels like pure silk on my skin. It's hard to find a fab shimmer oil without looking like a teenager who got in a fight with a glitter stick!  BEAUTY COUNTER'S Lustro Shimmer Oil is  all the way grown and sexy yet safe. THANK GOD because no one is trying to get  toxic buildup  from their beauty products. This  shimmer oil  creates a  glow that is subtle  yet luminous and  I'm in love! Go for the Glow!











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