Hollywood is not for the faint of heart! But you already know that..... Especially if you are a HOLLYMOMTRESS. The pressure to be all things to all members of your family at all times can be breath taking to say the least. My dreams and aspirations are in constant war with my maternal reality. Last week I hurriedly dropped my son off at school, got all a fancied up with my fake lashes, wig and zoomed across town to stand in front of a room full of executives, writers and gatekeepers to hopefully fulfill my HOLLYMOMTRESS dreams. Anyone who knows me REALLY WELL knows I don't like to audition. Usually you find your self reading with a partner who has little acting experience and they are not emotionally available. So its hard to play and react. But in THIS situation, I was so honored, humbled and excited to play because the script was amazingly heartfelt, real AND we had scene partners!!!!!!! It was easy to get lost in the text and connect. Everyone involved in this project was kind and spoke the type of language I LOVE to hear. Hopefully, prayerfully I can work on one of these types of projects in the future. I have yet to do a web series and I am sooooo looking forward to it.. Check out the video above and see if you can spot your favorite Hollymomtress auditioning and learn more about GODCOMPLX!