Hollymomtress: Tonya Pinkins

Few people know her name, but to many she looks VERY familiar. That's because Hollymomtress Tonya Pinkins, mother of four, is a prolific award winning actress in film, television and on the stage! From her unforgettable role on All My Children to performing on and off Broadway, she has won countless awards and has a plethora of films under her belt as well.

The first time I saw Tonya Pinkins on stage, she was playing opposite another one of my faves, Anika None Rose and I was blown away by her talent and presence. Since then, I have been following her career and rooting for her success.

From September 30th to October 29th, Hollymomtress Pinkens will be in downtown LA, at the LOS ANGELES THEATRE CENTER starring in a gut wrenching intimate two person play called TIME ALONE. I highly recommend that you go see it! The play explores the affects of incarnation, solitary confinement and what it means to be a mother who has lost a child to violence. As mother of an African American boy, the play's themes of LOVE and LOSS immediately captivated my attention and reminded me that there is power in connecting.

Go see this play and tell them your favorite Hollymomtress sent ya!.