I'm preggers!!!

I know! I know! I have been extra extra quiet in these hollymomtress streets lately and TRUST me its not because I wanted to. At the beginning of the year, I found out that I am preggers! This I must say has been the ULTIMATE surprise for our family. I like to say we are unexpectedly expecting. We were not trying, planning or seeking to get pregnant in any way, shape of form!!!! But.....LOOK AT GOD...

The first trimester had me in bed with all sorts of morning sickness issues that I had never EVER experienced before, With my first child I was whistling thru life, skipping thru the sand and just as happy and healthy as I wanted to be..... BUT this time around...... LAWD HAVE MERCY!!!!!! I wanted to orchestrate an elaborate photo shoot announcement , because if you know me well, then you know I LIVE for a photo shoot. But the fact that I am even getting out of bed and getting my son to school on time is good enough for me!!! That's pretty much all I got right about now. The fancy photoshoot will have to come later. (The picture in this post is 8 years old.)

THANKFULLY I am in my second trimester and feeling a bit better, not photo shoot better, but better.... Except for the last 48 hours when I got a harsh introduction to ligament pain...We''ll talk about that later.

I'm currently filming a show documenting my pregnancy which is super special because I can look back on the footage and travel down memory lane in the years to come.

My family and friends already know and they have been holding my hand during this journey. Its been such a blessing to have a tribe that holds me down. So here's to motherhood, Hollymomtresses!!!! The journey begins....again!