Easy Breezy Baby Girl

Ooooooh weeee! This LA heat has been sweltering! Babygirl and I suffered temps upwards of 100 degrees here in the valley several times this summer and we haven't even hit August yet! With all the heat, this has been baby girl's go-to out fit around the house lately. That's it! Easy, Breezy, Chill and Simple! As much as I'd love to dress her up in bows and tutus, it's just too hot for all of that. She's a barefoot diaper wearing tot that is too content in her new uniform.

Lately I've been becoming much more aware of the products that I choose for baby girl. So after some research, epic fails, trial and error I switched to a brand of diapers that are primarily plant based, free of harmful chemicals and environmentally conscience which I absolutely love!!! The NEST diapers are even compostable. So it's reassuring to know that baby girl's diapers won't be sitting in a landfill 100 years from now. As she continues to grow, I know she will encounter thousands of chemicals. For now, I am trying my best to keep her surrounding clean, pure, and simple as we attempt to beat this summer heat...

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