Good Mornings with Kabrita

Now that school is in full swing, mornings are turning out to be a little more hectic than we anticipated. Thankfully my 4th grader wants to help and we are starting to settle into a smooth groove. My son makes baby girl's breakfast while I pack his lunch and get my hubby out the door. It’s so adorable watching him care for his little sister. He takes his breakfast duties VERY seriously and its pure joy watching him mature. Baby girl literally eats it all up. She loves her Kabrita organic goat milk porridge mixed with a little warm water and unsweetened organic apple sauce.

If you follow us, then you know we've supplementing with Kabrita's formula for several months now. I've been able to switch seamlessly between Breastmilk and Kabrita with no issues. So naturally, I was beyond excited to learn about their new porridge line as baby girl transitioned to solid foods.

Don't let the silly videos on my Instagram page fool you, I'm always concerned with the food and products that I use on baby girl. I'm a huge believer that organic is best especially for our babies and its always a win with me when they actually like what they’re eating.

Now keeping breakfast interesting for my 4th grader who likes to stash candy in his pockets is a whole other story but at least he is willing to help baby girl the mornings. For now, I’ll take his charity one breakfast bowl at a time. Cheers to stressless mornings Hollymomtresses!

If you'd like to try Kabrita for FREE and I highly recommend that you do! Click here and thank me later!