Earlier this week, baby girl and I were treated to a private screening of a fun yet thought provoking family-friendly film, BOY GENIUS. The film stars Rita Wilson, Nora Dunn and Miles Brown who plays Emmett. Emmett is a highly gifted imaginative 12-year-old child prodigy. After his brother Luke is accused of being involved in a rash of thefts at the school, Emmett seeks to find a way to prove his innocence before their mom ships Luke off to boarding school. Emmett enlists the help of his 60-something eccentric SAT tutor and crime novelist, Mary (Rita Wilson) to help him find the real culprit. Together, with the assistance of his friends, Emmett and Mary prove Luke’s innocence and discover who the real criminals are.

BOY GENIUS is a great family film that will hopefully spark a lot of such needed conversation about stereo types and the perception of African American Boys in the public school system.