Virtual Tutoring 101

Talk about learning in the New Normal! This year, as my 10 year old continues distance schooling, I've found myself unable to help him in the afternoons because I'm constantly running around chasing my two year old. Recently I learned about a new LA-based online learning center that's offering tutoring sessions. We checked out New Horizons Tutoring (NH Tutoring). who offered us two complimentary sessions in exchange for a review on here on the Hollymomtress blog, so I was beyond grateful and excited for the much welcomed experience.

NH tutoring a lot of different tutoring options. They have group accountability sessions, 1 on 1 tutoring and even learning pods. Sessions can be purchased individually, or in multiples, which I love because some times my son needs more help at certain times than others. With each session, he can study or complete his homework. NH tutors are credentialed and highly qualified to help kids in reaching their academic goals. plus the sessions are also flexible. One the site you can go in and change your appointed time and keep track of all of your child's tutoring sessions. Hollymomtresses can pick the times/dates and/or tutors they prefer to go along with their schedule. Whether your child is in 1st or 12th grade, they have tutors just for them.

If your child needs accountability or help staying on task with a particular subject then this would be a perfect fit. The tutor will even email you a report so you can be abreast of your child's progress.

My son was in a learning pod for his first two sessions and to my utter surprise he enjoyed it. He finished his math homework for the day and instead of asking me for help, or waiting for me to remind him to stay focused, he had someone there to talk to who could help him if he needed it. . At the end of the session, he played games with the other kids and the tutor and it was an extra opportunity for him to connect with a newsperson.

With two sessions under his belt, I think this is perfect for middle and high school students. Check them out and thank me later !